Welcome to InkCurity!

Our service is still in the public-beta.

Why use our services?

Which services do we offer?

Type Service Name Link To The Service View on GitHub / GitLab
Cloud Service Nextcloud Open View on GitHub
Bin Service Privatebin Open View on GitHub
Chat Service Rocket.Chat Open View on Github
Password Safe Teampass Open View on GitHub
IMAP Webinterface Roundcube Open View on GitHub

Getting Support

Are you in need of support? Feel free to contact us at adm@inkcurity.net (public key) or by talking to one of our admins/moderators directly on Discord.

Apply for one of our services

There will be a form for easier use placed here soon, but for now, please send an email to adm@inkcurity.net (public key) with the following information:

  1. Use "Account Request" as the subject.
  2. Your name (first name is sufficient).
  3. Your preferred username.
  4. Your language.
  5. If you want to use another email for registration, mention it.

Thanks for your interest in advance! Also IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do not send your password with the email. We will generate a temporary password for you and we expect you to change it.